Applications for the Stage 2 Capital Catalyst 2023 cohort are now open!


Our mission is to help early-stage B2B companies build scalable and sustainable revenue engines. As part of our 11-week Catalyst Curriculum, you will:

  • Receive $120K in funding at your last round valuation up to $15M post
  • Learn go-to-market tactics, like how to hire your first salesperson, build a cold calling campaign, set your pricing model, and other best practices in Stage 2 Capital’s Science of Scaling methodology
  • Match for 1:1 coaching and mentoring with our elite go-to-market LPs from companies like Salesforce, Atlassian, Gong, Klaviyo, HubSpot, Asana, Zoominfo, Seismic, Smartsheet, Force Management, Anaplan, Box, Blackline, UiPath, Semrush, and ~200 other B2B software companies
  • Participate in small group fireside chats with our senior executive LPs, including Jim Steele (President, Salesforce), Ashley Kramer (CMO and CSO, Gitlab), Chris Degnan (CRO, Snowflake), Kate Ahlering (CRO, Calendly), Emmanuelle Skala (SVP of CS, Toast), Ryan Longfield (CRO, Gong), Amit Singh (former President and CBO, Palo Alto Networks), to name a few
  • Present at our “Boardroom” demo day for 15 minutes with Q&A to the Stage 2 team, Stage 2 LPs, and over 50 select partner VCs

The core of the Stage 2 Capital Catalyst is empowering you with tactical GTM guidance to accelerate your growth, in addition to funding. To learn more about the Stage 2 Capital Catalyst program, our methodology, coaches and mentors, please visit our website here.

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