When we first came up with the idea for creating a catalyst uniquely dedicated to go-to-market (GTM) execution, our mission was clear - support early-stage, B2B companies and founding teams in building a thoughtful, scalable growth engine. We’ve worked hard to bring together actionable steps and mentors in the program to help our companies accelerate their growth.

Actionable, Execution-focused Sessions

Our curriculum focuses on helping companies to execute and build GTM, in real time, based on their current context. Participating companies learn the 10 fundamental GTM tactics of the Stage 2 Capital Science of Scaling methodology which we developed from working with hundreds of high-growth startups. We introduce key concepts such as:

  • Hiring the first salesperson
  • Designing the first content marketing plan
  • Creating compensation plans
  • Building the first customer success playbook

Learn from some of the top GTM leaders in the world

Participating companies connect with industry leading GTM executives who are also members of the Stage 2 Capital LP base. These experts share their decision-making processes and key lessons on topics spanning from entering new markets, hiring, evolving ICP, designing and measuring experiments, collaborating and communicating across the organization, among others. 

In addition to meeting with all-star LPs, companies separately receive 1:1 mentorship from members of the broader Stage 2 Capital community, including leaders like Toby Carrington (EVP of Ops, Seismic), Hillary Carpio (Director of ABM, Snowflake), Amy Volas (Founder & CEO, Avenue Talent Partners), Genefa Murphy (CMO, Five9), Linh Ho (CGO, Zelros), Yev Davis (Director of CS, Asana), and many more. These leaders help founding teams implement and apply the strategies they learn to their current company context.

The 2022 Stage 2 Capital Catalyst Cohort

_2022 Catalyst Cohort

We’ve had the privilege of hearing from hundreds of companies and we’ve had to make many hard decisions. We are thrilled to officially announce our 2022 cohort which represents an inspiring mix of founder backgrounds, verticals, and business models. 


Atomus is building cybersecurity infrastructure to defend the world’s most critical companies.

Auquan Ltd

Auquan is an intelligent “data assistant” for enterprise - their no-code tool allows firms to dramatically reduce analysts’ research time by fully automating unstructured data gathering and processing. 

Because Intelligence

Because Intelligence is an e-commerce enablement platform helping merchants increase their conversion rate by putting their website content on auto-pilot.


Bevz is transforming the alcohol and snack industry by providing the first-ever SaaS platform for convenience stores.


Blerp is the fastest-growing soundbite sharing platform, via livestreams on Twitch and voice chats on Discord. Millions of users find and share their favorite sound memes on Blerp.  

Employee Cycle

Employee Cycle is an Employee Data Platform (EDP) changing the way HR leaders use data, beginning with transforming disconnected employee data into a user-friendly, centralized, and real-time HR analytics dashboard. This allows HR leaders to better identify, communicate, and solve workforce problems, avoid risks, and save costs.

Gradient Works

Gradient Works provides book management software to help B2B revenue organizations increase attainment through dynamic quota coverage. 


IrisCwhatUC is transforming the enterprise customer experience with their remote service platform. Instead of waiting for a service expert to be sent on-site, service organizations can remote inspect, assess, advise or solve at scale.


MedScout is a revenue acceleration platform for life science companies, helping sales teams optimize territories, build better sales plans, and execute a more efficient, data-informed sales motion. 


Metaplane allows data teams at high-growth companies to save engineering time and increase trust in data by understanding when things break, what went wrong, and how to fix it.


Pact provides knowledge workers with a platform to successfully collaborate in a transparent and outcome-oriented fashion. 


PartnerPortal.io is a self-serve platform designed for growth brands that want to manage and increase partner-sourced revenue while managing, tracking, educating, and paying their partners. 


Rally is a User Research CRM that makes it easy for teams to do research with their users. By automating outreach, scheduling, incentives, and participant management, Rally replaces messy spreadsheets and disjointed tooling, saving teams hours each week. 


Salesbricks is the out-of-the-box, B2B, e-commerce platform that powers self-service and sales rep led transactions.


Subly is the fastest, easiest way for anyone to edit, subtitle, transcribe, translate and re-size media content, including video, films, broadcast media, YouTube content, and audio, radio content and podcasts.

Exciting things to come from this impressive lineup! Learn more about the Stage 2 Capital Catalyst, including how to join the waitlist for our next cohort, here