The Stage 2 Capital Catalyst is back with another stellar group of 15 companies who are joining this year’s cohort. Investing both capital and expertise in founders to help them build repeatable revenue sits at the core of what we do and we couldn’t be more excited to be a part of the scaling journey of our 2023 founders.

Revenue Builders at Heart

Our companies get direct, 1:1 guidance from our LP base of elite go-to-market (GTM) executives. Our LP base has been specifically selected for their execution experience, domain expertise, and passion for helping founders in the Stage 2 Capital Catalyst. Our LP mentors represent the full spectrum of GTM from demand generation to CS in addition to revenue-related roles like recruiting, finance, product, legal, and others. They come from a wide range of backgrounds and companies like Gong, Box, Datadog, Atlassian, DocuSign, VMware, Talkdesk, Databricks, Talend, Stripe, Tableau, Blackline, 6sense, ServiceTitan, Zapier, Toast, Yelp, Udemy, Twilio, and Walkme among others. Our LP mentors work shoulder-to-shoulder with our founders to integrate the Catalyst Curriculum.


Execute and Build

The Catalyst guides companies in executing today with an eye on the future. To provide our founders with practical and actionable guidance, we take a high-touch, hands-on approach by curating an environment for our founders to execute go-to-market in real time. The mainstay of the Catalyst experience is the 11-week long Catalyst Curriculum, a step-by-step guide on implementing Stage 2 Capital’s Science of Scaling methodology and answering questions like “How do you optimize a discovery call? What should you look for in your first CS or marketing hire? How do you roll out PLG? Is PLG even right for your company?” Founders learn directly from the Stage 2 Capital team and our GTM LPs.

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The Cohort

This year was extremely competitive with over twice the number of applicants compared to last year. We’re privileged to be able to work with such talented founders and are thrilled to officially announce the Stage 2 Capital Catalyst 2023 Cohort:

Athenic: No-code data analytics platform

Bloomfilter: Process insights platform for software development lifecycle

Bounti: GenAI-driven customer observability and enablement co-pilot

MLtwist: No-code data pipeline management for AI

nodaFi: Cloud facilities and asset management and maintenance platform

OpsVerse: DevOps ecosystem for OSS dev tools

Persana AI: GenAI buyer journey and intent co-pilot for RevOps

RevenueRoll: AdTech customer identity graph and traffic attribution

SAVVI AI: Toolkit for building and launching GenAI applications

StartProto: Cloud ERP for manufacturing

Status: Customer account and identity management tools for ecommerce

TOFU: GenAI platform for marketing campaign management

Under: No-code customer management and onboarding tools for financial services

Update Ai: AI intelligence tools for voice of customer and customer success

Exciting things to come from this impressive lineup! Learn more about the Stage 2 Capital Catalyst, including how to join the waitlist for our next cohort, here