This year's Stage 2 Capital Catalyst is bringing in 15 early-stage companies to build and implement their entire go-to-market strategy. The program gives founders tactical, best practices they can use to create their first sales playbook, hire their first salesperson, calculate when and how fast they can scale revenue, and more.

Stage 2 Capital's Mark Roberge sat down with a handful of our superstar Catalyst guest speakers to preview each of their upcoming sessions. 

We kicked things off with Gong's CRO, Ryan Longfield, who detailed his early days at Gong, and how he stepped in as their first revenue leader. Ryan joined Gong after 10+ years at LinkedIn, and described how his experience influenced Gong's early go-to-market strategy:

We were then joined by Toast's SVP of Customer Success, Emmanuelle Skala. She shared why startups should prioritize hiring for customer success, as those teams can be leveraged to provide the voice of the customer and influence go-to-market strategy early on: 

Next, we spoke with Airtable's Senior Director, GTM Strategy & Revenue Operations, Tony Granados. He discussed the importance of early sales motions when determining go-to-market strategy, and the value of operations and enablement to implement and scale a repeatable sales strategy.:

Our final AMA was with Clari's Kevin Knieriem. As Clari's CRO, and an advisor to many early-stage companies, Kevin is an expert in determining ideal customer profiles (ICP). He shared how to uncover what type of product you're selling, who you're selling to, and what industry your buyer is in - even when you have limited resources:

This year's Stage 2 Capital Catalyst is kicking off later this summer. Find out more information about the program, including how to apply for future cohorts, here.


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