OpsVerse offers a fully-managed ecosystem of curated DevOps tools that enable businesses to focus on what matters most — their products. 

After completing the 2023 Stage 2 Capital Catalyst, OpsVerse is well on their way to building a scalable go-to-market engine. We recently sat down with their Co-Founder, Arul Jegadish Francis, to hear about their experience and discuss what’s next for OpsVerse.

How did OpsVerse discover the Stage 2 Capital Catalyst?

“One of our advisors knew about Stage 2 Capital and made an introduction to Partner Anu Maheshwari,” Arul recalls. “Given where we were in the 0 to 1 journey, Anu connected us with the Catalyst team to learn more about the program.”

What were the go-to-market challenges you were trying to solve for?

“We had traction with our product, but were in the early stages of figuring out the go-to-market game. We were trying to finish our 0 to 1 journey, and then go beyond” Arul shares. 

“We were dealing with outbound prospecting, creating repeatable motions, hiring our first account executives — all of those topics were in the Catalyst curriculum, so the program immediately resonated with us.”

What kept you engaged throughout the entirety of the Catalyst? 

“The Catalyst reveals the science behind selling, which was key in driving the curriculum home. Each of the topics had their own homework and templates, allowing us to try things out in real time,” Arul says. “The weekly fireside chats, featuring industry experts and other founders, were also incredibly helpful. It was really useful to see successful leaders who went through the same things as us.”

“Specifically, demand gen and outbound prospecting were  key topics that we gained expertise on,” he adds. “The three weeks of the curriculum really explored the ins and outs of demand generation, allowing us to drastically improve our conversion rates.”

Who were key mentors and/or coaches throughout the program?

“From a mentor perspective, Michael Applebaum is someone who greatly helped us. We had 2-3 discussions on our marketing efforts and we were able to leverage his experience as we shaped our own strategy,” Arul shares. “Sean Po helped us navigate the program and made timely intros to several mentors from the Catalyst network”

“The Catalyst grants access to a big network of go-to-market leaders.” Arul adds. “Even today, If I’m on the Stage 2 Slack, I can ask them 1:1 questions, jump into conversations, etc. There’s no other place where you will have such a large group of go-to-market experts, and will certainly help us in the long run.”

What has success looked like since the program ended? 

“Our goal was to improve top-of-funnel metrics, and since the program concluded, leadgen is definitely where we’ve had the most traction. Our efforts have improved our top-of-funnel metrics by 3x since October, and we look forward to continuing that growth in 2024.”

What's next for OpsVerse?

“In 2024, it’s all about ramping up go-to-market motion and building out our repeatable go-to-market engine. We expect to complete our 0 to 1 journey this year and move into the next stage of growth,” Arul says.

We’re wishing Arul and the OpsVerse team all the best as they continue their impressive journey! Learn more about OpsVerse here: https://opsverse.io/