We’re thrilled to share that we led Versori’s $3.5M Seed round, with participation from notable angel investors including Cindy Bi of Capital X and Jamie Su, among others. You can read more in Versori’s official press release here

As the collective data footprint across enterprises has grown, so has the headache of building integrations across critical business systems. Connections across complex systems like ERPs, accounting platforms, and data lakes have traditionally come at a high cost via manual solutions from systems integrators like Accenture or Capgemini. Oftentimes, these solutions are custom builds with one-off integrations that can snowball into costly, time-consuming projects that require months of custom code development and ongoing maintenance. Platforms like Zapier suffice for many common application layer integrations (such as connecting Slack to Notion) with a set of pre-built connections, but those limit users to transferring data across pre-existing connectors.

Versori is pioneering a new way to build data integration infrastructure. Its flagship product, Switchboard, is an any-to-any system integration platform powered by AI with tools for schema building, data transformations, and data mappings — all without the need for a developer. Versori’s platform gives business users the ability to connect, synchronize, and transform data across any type of system without the time or money required by systems integrators and free from the limitations of pre-built connectors. Their technology machine-reads any OpenAPI schemas and transpose them to a simple UI where the user can simply connect functions together to achieve their desired outcome. In turn, customers benefit from faster integration set up, lighter workloads, and lower costs associated with building/maintaining critical data integrations. One Versori customer told us they saw the Switchboard platform demo for the first time and thought that solving data integrations “surely can’t be this easy and straightforward…I understood the value straight away.” 

The company was founded in Manchester, England in 2022 by Sean Brown (CEO) and Daniel Jones (CTO) who previously worked together at the eCommerce platform Mercato, where they encountered firsthand the problem of integrating into critical business systems of their customers. We couldn’t be more excited about backing this team that’s solving a $350B+ problem.

To learn more about Versori, visit https://www.versori.com/