We are pleased to announce we led AptEdge’s $11M seed round alongside Unusual Ventures, National Grid Partners, Carya Venture Partners, Counterpart Ventures. You can read more in AptEdge’s announcement here

AptEdge is changing the way support and service teams put out daily fires and get answers to customer questions. They’ve launched AnswerGPT™ which pulls together data sources stored across disparate systems and in seconds, surfaces the right answers for agents directly in their existing workflow.

Today, customer care agents are bogged down by the need to parse through an ever-growing number of knowledge systems in order to find answers for customers which could be stored across the CRM, Slack or Teams, Zendesk or ServiceNow, etc. As a result, support teams are burdened with higher people costs, lower customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores, high wait times, and deteriorating customer experiences. One specific annoyance called out in our discovery work is when a support rep needs to call on an engineer or product manager to get an answer to a question leading to massive distractions. These pains can be compounded by high agent turnover which leads to a loss of institutional knowledge and high replacement costs. 

AptEdge is revolutionizing this. They’re leveraging AI to supercharge resolution time and, as a result, customer happiness. AptEdge AI works by seamlessly connecting to different knowledge sources in a company and uses state-of-the-art semantic understanding, powerful  personalization, and ChatGPT-powered deep learning models to find the most accurate, complete, and human answer to any question instantly. Customer care teams using AptEdge have benefitted from fewer escalations, higher rate of ticket deflection, quicker resolution times, and higher CSAT scores. Teams no longer need to throw bodies at the problem, they can turn to AptEdge.

When we shared the value prop of AptEdge with our LPs — specifically those who lead customer success organizations — progressing to a pilot was a no brainer. We received emphatically positive feedback around AnswerGPT serving as a “solution to a massive problem for support orgs” that carries a “clear ROI.” Meanwhile, our conversations with AptEdge’s customers yielded additional insights into the quantifiable value proposition that AptEdge has carried, including CSAT scores jumping from 85% to 95% and stronger agent efficiency. 

We’re privileged to partner with Co-Founders Aakrit Prasad (CEO) and Anthony Kilman (CTO), who together founded AptEdge in 2020 after a successful exit of AppDynamics to Cisco for $4B. We’ve been impressed by their vision as product leaders, and their ability to genuinely connect with customers, distill customer challenges, translate them into the product, and drive real impact. We’re also delighted to join our friends and existing investors at Unusual Ventures, National Grid Partners, Carya Venture Partners, and Counterpart Ventures.

To learn more about AptEdge, visit https://www.aptedge.io/