Congratulations to our 2023 Stage 2 Capital Catalyst Cohort for completing the Catalyst Program! 

As a standalone fund and program within Stage 2 Capital, the Catalyst is designed as a structured, high-touch experience. Founders work on go-to-market directly with our elite Limited Partners, who are accomplished professionals with diverse expertise in various revenue-related positions, spanning a broad array of industries. This year, we are fortunate to have such a stellar group of founders with us from verticals including AI/GenAI, dev tools, infrastructure, manufacturing, cloud facilities management, and beyond.


2023 Catalyst Program Conclusion (2)

As we conclude this year’s Catalyst program, we are excited to welcome our companies to the Catalyst Alum Group and to continue supporting our founders in their growth ahead.

To find out more about the Stage 2 Capital Catalyst, or to apply for the next cohort, visit here