When companies are scaling their go-to-market (GTM) motion, they often underestimate the components that are needed to successfully execute the strategy. The reality is that it’s not one thing, but a combination of things, that creates an effective GTM system:

gtm system

The Stage 2 Capital Resource Center is designed to guide you through the creation of your own GTM system, or help you refine your approach to GTM. These tools, templates, and guides are free, and ready to be downloaded and strategically implemented to supercharge your revenue engine.

Here’s how it works…

Step 1: Design a GTM System

For founders just kicking off their GTM journey, we recommend starting here.

The ability to assess and iterate on your GTM motion relies on getting leading indicators in place early. We recommend starting with defining your Leading Indicators of Retention (LIR), Leading Indicators of Unit Economics (LIUE), and drafting a Bottoms Up Model to ground your growth plans in reality. 


Step 2: Build a GTM Playbook

Once you have the foundational elements in place, you’re ready to start building a playbook. That’s this section of the chart:

gtm playbook

The center of every GTM Playbook is the customer. Therefore, our Resource Center offers worksheets to help you identify your ideal customer profile (ICP) and buyer persona, along with guides to help your sales team with prospecting, discovery, presentations, and onboarding. 


Step 3: Generate Demand

There are two inputs of a GTM System — the first is demand generation:

demand gen

How are you going to generate interest with the customer profile you’ve identified? Are you relying on inbound leads, an outbound/ABM strategy, product led growth (PLG) or a combination of these? Clarifying the channels you are testing, the content strategy you will use by persona, and the technology you need to operate and measure is critical to hitting your GTM plan — our worksheets allow you to do all of the above.


Step 4: Hire and Retain a GTM Team

The second input of a GTM System is hiring team members:

gtm hiring

Your first set of hires will be responsible for delivering your GTM Playbook. Use scorecards to uncover the hidden talents and strengths within your candidate pool, and our talent assessment methodology for ongoing review of the team.  


Step 5: Optimize Operations

The output of your GTM system is sales activities, which drive a forecast, which drives revenue:

optimize operations

Once your GTM system is in place, you need to make it a critical part of your daily, weekly and monthly cadences with your team. Leverage these templates to operationalize your GTM system to more effectively forecast, assess performance and communicate with the Board of Directors. 


Our hope is that the Stage 2 Capital Resource Center doesn't just provide resources; it serves as a strategic ally, guiding you through creating, implementing, and optimizing your GTM system for sustained success. Access the resources, follow the steps, and unlock the full potential of your GTM strategy — your journey to GTM excellence starts here!