Intern to RVP. $1M-$300M in revenue. All within 8+ years with the same company.

It goes without saying - Will Quigley’s career is impressive.

Each month, Stage 2 Capital’s Emerging Leaders Syndicate (ELS) brings in the best go-to-market minds to share their stories during the “Hour of Excellence” webinar.

In the latest episode, Will Quigley, RVP, Enterprise Sales at Seismic and ELS Principal Member offers lessons learned at each stage of growth through his 8+ years, in a variety of go-to-market functions, at the same high-growth technology company. Key takeaways include:

Overcoming challenges that come with staying at the same company for 8+ years

“There are highs and lows in high-growth tech - the only thing constant is change. Every year, I set out to understand how technology has evolved, and what leadership has provided me to be a CRO of my own book of business. As we started to verticalize at Seismic, I reached out to mentors who sold in specific fields and asked them what they did. This helped me determine target audiences, and what types of personas and messaging should develop for distinct verticals. When challenges come up, I can reach out to the ‘Will Quigley Board of Directors’ to lead me in the right direction.”

How life outside the office can propel your career

"While coaching a high school football team to championship, I had the best two sales quarters of my entire life. Mentally, I have never been happier than putting the phone down and getting back into something during the work day that I'm so passionate about. Professionally, I adjusted my normal work day to work different hours, and honestly, worked harder than ever."

The importance of building your network early on

“When looking to grow into sales leadership from an individual contributor role, you start to realize how important your network is. I recommend spending an hour each day learning from those who are where you want to be - whether it be on LinkedIn, or scheduling time with mentors."

Hear Will’s full “Hour of Excellence” discussion below:

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