Scaling your CMO dashboard is essential for any go-to-market strategy.

Each month, Stage 2 Capital’s Emerging Leaders Syndicate (ELS) brings in the best go-to-market minds to share their stories during the “Hour of Excellence” webinar.

A few weeks back, Five9 CMO, Genefa Murphy, provided practical examples and frameworks to evolve the definition of success as a business transitions from high growth to scale. Key takeaways include:

How marketing leaders can leverage their CMO dashboard at any company stage:

"Your CMO dashboard should be evolutionary. However, there are always fundamental core principles [awareness, preference, perception] to it.  You can look at these principles, and scale up or scale down the KPIs associated with them, based on your company's maturity." 

Making the move to enterprise, from a brand standpoint:

"Go back to the fundamentals of marketing and look at your ideal customer profile. As you go upmarket, you'll likely need to appeal to more senior-level executives. You can then ask, ‘Do I need to increase my sphere of influence? And if so, who do I need to generate awareness with?’"

Iterating on the metrics that matter:

"In some of my prior roles, marketing had too much focus on traditional marketing metrics - leads, pipeline, awareness, share of voice, etc.. We weren’t looking at conversion rates or sales productivity. Once we partnered with enablement and operations to take their metrics into account, we actually saw a better impact on the business."

Check out the full conversation with Genefa below:


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