"What is the single most important thing you have learned to develop a diverse sales team?"

Stage 2 Capital's Emerging Leaders Syndicate (ELS) asked this question to LogicMonitor's RVP of Sales, Hass Johnson, in the latest “Hour of Excellence” webinar. In addition to his tenured career in go-to-market, Hass is an ELS Principal Member, as well as a Stage 2 Capital Accelerator LP.

Key takeaways from this session include:

Building a diverse sales team and how it contributes to success:
"I look at diversity in a liner way. Race, age, gender, educational background, etc. When you bring all of those folks together, and set them towards a certain goal, it creates a culture around collaboration. Diverse teams allow you to go after new markets and break into new grounds. And because these unique personalities take different approaches, you can find different approaches to being successful."

Advice for any candidate that is applying for a sales role:
"As a hiring manager, I consistently look for candidates with past experience of being a top performer. You should know how to be a mini CEO within your greater organization. This includes developing top of funnel, prospecting on your own, and leveraging marketing materials to generate pipeline, and as well as customer business to uncover referrals and growth opportunities."

Why it's crucial for sales leaders to align with their recruiting teams:
"Your talent acquisition team should not only know of the attributes and experience you're looking for, but they should have an understanding of your team's goals and objectives. This enables recruiters to speak to your priorities as they're meeting with candidates, and bring in the right talent as you're growing your team."

Check out Hass' full "Hour of Excellence" below:


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