From day 1, Stage 2 Capital’s mission has been to provide founders with best-in-class resources to scale revenue and achieve go-to-market success.

Recognizing the growing reliance on AI across industries, we are thrilled to introduce the beta version of ChatStage2 – an AI-powered chatbot specifically crafted to assist startup founders and early stage executives with their go-to-market strategies.

What is ChatStage2?

ChatStage2 is not just another chatbot; it's your personalized advisor for all things related to go-to-market strategies. In addition to pulling from the Stage 2 Capital blog, Resource Center, and The Science of Scaling, we've curated insights from industry experts, successful founders, and top publications to bring you the most relevant and up-to-date information. The list of publications we used to train the model is here. Given that the bot is in beta, we want to keep adding to the list so if you have found publicly available content useful for your GTM startup strategies that we didn’t include, send it over.

How to Get Started

Step 1:

Head over to to access the chatbot.

Step 2:

Type your go-to-market questions, and ChatStage2 will provide you with valuable insights. PRO TIP: Specific prompts will allow ChatStage2 to provide you with more-detailed information and/or preferred formatting.

  • Example 1:  Hiring your first salesperson
    • Prompt 1: What attributes should I look for in my first salesperson?
    • Prompt 2: What interview questions or exercises do you recommend we use
    • Prompt 4: Can you provide a sample job description for this role?
  • Example 2:  Building your first revenue plan
    • Prompt 1: How do I build my first revenue plan?
    • Prompt 2: Do you have a specific template to use?
    • Prompt 3: Can you adapt the strategy to selling through a direct sales team and through partners?

  • Example 3:  Design the customer renewal process
    • Prompt 1: Can you outline a best-in-class customer renewal process?
    • Prompt 2: Can you add approximate dates and milestones for each step?
    • Prompt 3: How should we adapt the strategy for SMBs versus Enterprise customers?

Step 3:

Dive into personalized recommendations for your startup's unique needs.

We Want Your Feedback!

Remember, we are in beta. We apologize in advance for any hallucinations or suboptimal responses. We are committed to the continuous improvement of ChatStage2 and your feedback is invaluable in shaping the future of our platform. Email us at to share your thoughts on what works well, what could be enhanced, and any additional features you'd like to see.