Rachel Clapp Miller

Rachel Clapp Miller

VP, Marketing, Force Management

Rachel Clapp Miller is the VP of Marketing at Force Management. She leads content and marketing efforts for Ascender™ by Force Management, an online curriculum and content platform for individual contributors and small teams. She's also the creator and producer for the company's two podcasts - Revenue Builders, hosted by John McMahon and John Kaplan and the Audible-Ready Sales Podcast.

She has been with Force for ten years helping build the company’s demand generation strategies and driving sales and marketing alignment. She’s also consulted clients on best practices for aligning marketing content and programs with the sales process.

Rachel has an extensive media background, including work with both local and national news networks. Her journalism work earned her two regional Emmy Awards and a National Headliner Award. She earned her M.A. degree in Communication from Wake Forest University and her B.A. degree in Communication Studies from the University of Lynchburg.