Avi Mally

Avi Mally

CEO, Three Pillars Recruiting

Avi Mally founded Three Pillars Recruiting ~15 years ago. He focuses exclusively on Executive/Retained Search, and the remainder of his team of ~30 focus on Non-Executive/Contingency Search.  He’s an LP in Stage 2 Capital, Shine Capital, m]x[v Capital, Ground Up Ventures, and Lumia Capital. Three Pillars Recruiting has become one of the leading executive search firms in the country. They have been building high impact teams for F500 Brands, DTC Brands, Sports Betting/Sportsbook, Publishers, Media Agencies, Venture Capital/Private Equity (VC/PE), Consulting & Digital Transformation firms, and disruptive startups across AdTech/MarTech, Influencer Marketing Platforms, eSports, SaaS, and Emerging Technology for the past 15 years.


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