Catalyst FAQs

What is Catalyst?

Stage 2 Capital Catalyst is Stage 2 Capital’s go-to-market accelerator program with the core of the program being the 11-week Catalyst Curriculum that helps founders to build the foundation of their revenue engines by implementing the Science of Scaling methodology. Catalyst has its own LPs and program structure and is a separate fund from the Stage 2 Capital Venture Fund.

When does the next Catalyst Curriculum run?

From August to October 2024

Where do the sessions happen?

Virtually over zoom. Calendar invites will be shared in advance during onboarding

Who can join the sessions?

Anyone on your full-time team you think would benefit from the sessions is welcomed to join (we do not allow non-FTEs like advisors, investors, interns, contractors)

How many hours per week is the Catalyst Curriculum?

~3-4 hrs. We’ve structured each week as follows:

Tuesday Instruction Session (1 hr): Introduction to the principles and frameworks for that week’s topic

Thursday Implementation Workshop (1-2 hrs): Hands-on execution session with your LP Coach to help you implement that week’s learnings. Duration of the session is up to you and your LP Coach

Following Monday Fireside Chat (1 hr): Executive Fireside Chat with one of our senior executive LPs. In prior years, our companies have heard from Chris Degnan (CRO, Snowflake), Ashley Kramer (CSO and CMO, GitLab), Kate Ahlering (CRO, Calendly), Ryan Longfield (CRO, Gong), Jim Steele (President, Salesforce), among others. We’ve also invited the founders of our other portfolio companies who are a step or so ahead to share their learnings and tactics

Do you consider non-US companies?

Yes (e.g. we had 2 companies in the UK and one company in Canada in our 2022 cohort). One note - our zoom sessions are held live at 11am Eastern Time so we can accommodate as many time zones as possible but some time zones may be challenging to make that timing work.

How many LPs do I have access to?

You have access to our ~300 GTM Catalyst LPs who are senior GTM leaders like the Global VP of GTM at Datadog, CMO at VMware, CCO at UiPath, COO and SVP of Americas at Tableau, SVP of Communications at Yelp, CBO at Seismic, Head of Enterprise Demand Gen at Atlassian, Global VP of Strategic Projects at Toast, CMO at Sailpoint, among others.

What’s the difference between Catalyst LP Mentors and LP Coaches?

LP Mentors are longitudinal guides who stay with you throughout the duration of the 11 week program. These Mentors will be strategic guides and address a range of scaling and GTM topics regardless if they are directly relevant to the Catalyst Curriculum.

LP Coaches are subject matter experts who are topic-specific tactical guides to help you execute that session’s topic in your current context (e.g., In the 3rd week of the Catalyst Curriculum, our session will be on Building Your First GTM Playbook. Your LP Coach for that week will help you specifically build and execute your GTM playbooks.) Sessions with your LP Coach will occur on Thursdays.

How do I connect with Catalyst LP Mentors?

There will be a mentor matching process where you will get to present to LPs and have a round-robin “speed dating” session to chat live for ~3min to check the vibe. We match on company profile with LP experience, company GTM need with LP expertise, and personality and culture fit.

How do I connect with Catalyst LP Coaches?

You will be matched to your LP Coach 2 weeks before the session so you and your coach have time to prepare before your Thursday implementation workshop.

What does the relationship with Catalyst LP Mentors look like during the program?

Once you’re matched with your mentor (up to 2 per company), that LP will become your go-to-guide throughout the duration of the 11 week Catalyst Curriculum. The frequency of touchpoints is up to you and your mentor but we generally recommend 5 touch points throughout the 11 weeks. Your mentor will be a strategic guide on whatever topics are top of mind. In past years, many companies have continued to engage their Mentors as formal advisors even after the Curriculum ended. 

What does the relationship with Catalyst LP Coaches look like during the program?

Similar to mentors, you have the option for continued conversations with your LP Coaches after your designated Thursday Implementation Workshop. In past years, many companies have also continued to engage their Coaches as formal advisors even after the Curriculum ended.

What happens after the Catalyst Curriculum is over?

After you’ve completed the curriculum, you’ll join the Stage 2 Capital Catalyst Alum Group. You’ll have access to our Catalyst Alum Group of other founders from past cohorts, all Catalyst LPs, and Stage 2 Capital portal which houses our proprietary templates, resources, recordings, etc.

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